The Further Adventures of Jerry Cornelius

New Fiction

Michael Moorcock's anti-hero for the ages, Jerry Cornelius, careens through the multiverse in an unstoppable career of -- what? We're proud to present a collection of new fiction based on the universe and characters that Mike created. 

The Fracking Factory by Michael Moorcock

Too Much 20th Century by Ed Bemand

Pierrot in Bombazine by Mike Chinn

England's Shame by Oz Hardwick

Angst... ou Ennui? by Keith Bowden

The Vestal Factor by Colin Greenland

The Great Counterfeit Memory Sin-Drome/ The Final Jerry Cornelius Story, Ever by Andrew Darlington

... the price is worth it by Graeme K. Talboys

The Second Gibraltar by Chris Reed



The North American Space Ritual 2019 an interview with Michael Moorcock, by Simon Powell

The Hawk Walk by Jimski